Chequebooks at the ready, Internet, for Honda has announced the new Civic Type R will start at £30,995 when it lands in July. That’s just £795 more than the outgoing Type R. PCP it, and Honda says you’re looking at around £299/month on a three-year deal.

The Type R GT will start at £32,995 (£495 more than the old Civic GT) and gets navigation, an upgraded stereo, dual-zone climate control, and blind-spot monitoring among others.

All new Type Rs get the six-speed manual with rev-matching, a 316bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, multi-link rear-suspension and adaptive dampers that make it theoretically capable of that record-breaking, 7:43:8 ‘Ring time. If you want to remind yourself what that looks like, click on these words.

What of the competition? The Ford Focus RS starts at £32,265, and a five-door VW Golf R is £32,695 – more than the Civic, but admittedly both come with all-wheel drive. A front-wheel drive, five-door Seat Leon Cupra (a previous FWD ‘Ring record-holder) is £30,455, and the rear-drive BMW M140i is £33,180.

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