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How to Troubleshoot ABS/VSA Codes on 2015 Civic Coupe EX: Need Advice!

New York
United States
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Civic 2015 Coupe EX
Hi, I need some help. I have a 2015 Civic Coupe EX. I bought a $120 scanner on Amazon designed for Honda, and I got these four codes. Initially, I bought the scanner because I noticed the car wasn't performing at 100%, but I have no dashboard lights on. Everything looks clear on my dash, but sometimes I feel like the car could be faster. It drives well, but it's a little annoying. This is my first Civic, so sometimes I wasn't sure if it was indeed a problem or if the four-cylinder engine was just slow. Anyway, I bought the scanner and got the codes. I did some research online and found that if I'm lucky, I might be able to replace the fuse that controls the ABS and VSA system. I already ordered a new one, and I'll try it tomorrow. I'll also try connecting and disconnecting the wire on the ABS VSA module. I'm just worried that I might have to replace the module; I looked online, and it's $1000 for a new one.

So, any advice on what I can do, or maybe I'm completely wrong, and the issue might be something else? Thanks; any help is appreciated.

Here are the codes: https://ibb.co/k2zTSDW

civic codes.png

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