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Interior lights upgraded

United Kingdom
What I Drive
12 Honda Civic Si
I have a 2017 Civic Type R and replaced the map lights, dome light, and rear hatch light with AUXITO 194 LED bulbs and they produce a nice, white light. My interior was pathetically lit by six 194 bulbs, the halogens were super dim and did almost nothing. Installation can be a bit tricky in some of the smaller spots they like to put these bulbs. The boards on the base of these can be a little thicker than the wedge on a glass bulb but they actually provided a little plastic tool that can be used to open up the socket a little and make them fit perfectly. These are pretty much a dead on match for size and pack a lot of light into a small package.

The pictures I have attached are of the original hatch light and this AUXITO 194 LED light. Pictures were taken in manual mode with identical settings and white balance set to 6500k for both pictures.

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