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Rebuilding 8th gen SI

What I Drive
8th Gen Si
So I'm currently looking into buying a used (older) 8th gen SI as a "project A&B Car". I've rebuilt 2 other cars from the ground up but they were MOPAR ( my last project was recently totalled sadly after owning it for 8yrs, 0 problems)... lm new to the Honda field and have a few questions on this new adventure I'm heading towards.

When I buy the car I'll be looking to quickly address/replace any known issues as well as replace most of the more major elements... when I do a rebuild I dont want to have to touch anything other then common maintenance for at least a few years...what are some more common known problems that I should address right away to prevent having to later fix ranging from known seal issues, evap systems, electrical problems,leaky anything...etc etc...

First thing I'll be doing is dropping both the engine/clutch out to get a better look In the bay, replacing alternator, motor mounts, clutch rebuild, Timing belt, tighten up all hoses/ lose wiring.

I'm that guy that'll spend 10k+ on a 7+ year old dodge neon SXT just to learn a thing or 2 about working on cars... money isn't a problem I just like to get my hands dirty and known I'm in a very reliable car that will last me 8+ years or more.

My other part of my question is what brand/type of parts do you all recommend... Clutch esp... I'm not looking to race it on a track but I do plan on boosting the performance here and ther after I'm done with the rebuild. So knowing that what do you all recommend... any insight/advice with this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance for the Help,
New SI Fan